How to remove a Steam game from Launchpad

Recently, I noticed that BioShock Infinite has been showing up in my Mac game library, even though it says the game only supports windows.  Just for kicks, I installed it, only to find an error saying “Missing Executable”.  I tried dragging the BioShock Infinite Launchpad icon to the Trash, then I tried holding it, only to find the standard “x” did not appear.  After some research, I found that you can simply remove it from the terminal.  Here are the instructions to do so:

  1. Open a new Terminal window
  2. cd to the Users Applications directory by typing “cd ~/Applications”
  3. List the contents of the folder by typing ls
  4. Determine the “*.app” that you wish to remove.  In this example I will use “BioShock”.
  5. Since  a “.app” is a directory in Mac OSX, we are going to use the “-rf” modifier to recursively force removal of the contents.  Type “rm -rf “BioShock””, and that should be it.

Other Launchpad Icons are located in misc. other Applications directories throughout the file system, and the approach is the same for them all.  Cd to the directory, list the available files, and rm the file.

Caution:  The rm command is very useful, but can be incredibly damaging to your file system. Use with caution.

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